Roll Up, Roll Up; the N+TC bus is coming to town!!


Taking a cue from the US - you can find your name on the She Runs board.

For the last two years I’ve spent a cold May night running in with thousands of other females in the annual Nike She Runs 10K event here in Sydney and it quickly became one of my favourite runs on the calendar. The atmosphere, the lights, running in the dark – it was one impressive event. You can read my reviews on BibRave here. A hint of change came through shortly after the event, with a survey focused different events such as a “lifestyle event” or even a half marathon. Naturally I was all about the running.

Running through the finish, luckily I stand out in the crowd!


Fast-forward to today and the roll out of the numerous Nike events around the world. Nike have certainly shaken things up with their Women’s-focused events, turning into a world Race Series tour with events ranging from 10K to the Half and the N+TC events. A list of all events can be found here. In North America, the Toronto 15K kicks off the year’s festivities – culminating with the Nike Women’s Half in San Francisco in October.

Sydney has been confirmed to not be hosting a run, in which I was super disappointed BUT we are listed as hosting a N+TC event. Even better news is that registrations open up this Friday. This is a lot earlier than the past few years – the She Runs event that typically went on sale around mid-March.



Now, I have no idea what to expect from the N+TC event, I take it that it’s a whole day of fitness related activity – I hope there is a run involved. By changing the event to during the day, there won’t be any issues with crazy traffic to a location that is hard to get to with public transport at night, nor will the weather get crazy cold (it should be much warmer during the day).

I am completely intrigued by the event, but right now I have so many questions, and with limited information available, it is hard to make an informed decision on whether to take part in the event or not (although let’s face it, I probably will register), but the cost and what’s going to happen on the day may be helpful with making a decision pre-registration day. This event will sell out, as does the traditional She Runs events although I do expect that this will happen a little more quicker than in the past.

I am hoping that the N+TC event will cater across all levels of fitness and skill, I don’t expect some crazy Spartan-type setup when in the past the Nike run was all about getting out there and running, no matter how fast or slow you ran. I’m not the best when it comes to the dreaded burpees, or pull-ups, so fingers crossed that they have a beginner level!

Now all to do is wait until Friday and then onto May!!


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