Who wears Janji shorts? I wear Janji shorts!

So at the beginning of the month I wrote about Janji, an awesome company that sells some fantastic running gear which in turn provides water through partnering with some great charities in Peru, Haiti, the US, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. I had been actively lurking their website for a while, and managed to score some running shorts with their end of year sale. YAY!!! The shipping time was held up with all those public holidays that happen at the end of the year, but overall it didn’t take too long for my Janji goodies to make their way down under! wpid-img_20150129_201706.jpgAs soon as I opened the package, I was crazy surprised at how AMAZINGLY soft the shorts are. Pictured is the Peru Running Short which give a person in Peru 4 months of clean water. Besides the opportunity that someone receives from my purchase, everything about these shorts rocks. I’ll go so far to say that these are my new favourite shorts!!! Now I have to put a disclaimer in as I still can’t run, so I haven’t given these a go quicker than a walk, but these are so comfortable and nothing rubs amongst the legs. wpid-img_20150129_220721.jpgThe waistband is quite large and doesn’t dig in at all, good for those of us with hips! An added design bonus is the retro style Janji elastic that’s on the inside. This isn’t intended to be folded over (this would make the shorts incredibly low on the hips) but rather as an aesthetic as there is no other tags on the inside of the shorts. wpid-img_20150129_220657.jpg The sizing of the shorts are a little on the small side, I’m wearing the large which is the largest size available in their bottoms. It would be awesome if XL was an option in the event that you have more than enough in the thigh department. These do sit flush against my legs, but they don’t dig in at all. It’s great that the soft polyester/spandex blend works with the body, not against it. There are no side pockets with these shorts, allowing for the shape of the shorts to follow the body, however there is a smaller pocket at the back. If you are running a long distance, it would be worth taking your fuel belt (or your FlipBelt) while wearing these shorts, I don’t imagine that you would be able to carry everything for a 20km run in the back pocket. wpid-img_20150129_220631.jpg   Now these shorts are short. Don’t get me wrong. If you’re a person who likes their shorts mid-way down the leg then these are definitely are not for you. From the picture at the top of the page you can see that these aren’t shorties but they sit at the top third of the leg. I have been wearing these shorts so much that I have almost forgotten about the Haiti Anna Running Shorts that I also purchased. These are the same high quality product (and amazing softness) as the Peru Running Short but have a more contoured leg and comes in blue & red. These are of similar length as well. If you are after something a little longer (and more traditional running short-like) you should check out the Women’s Haiti Running Short or the Women’s Kenya Running Short. Overall I’m super pleased with my Janji shorts and am really eager to get these out and on a run (when I can). It’s clear that these are definitely a high-quality product with a FANTASTIC price tag (even at their regular prices) AND you get to help others. It’s all about running for another and this is something that I will totally get behind.  In fact, I’m already creating my shopping list for other items I am lusting after!!! You can check out Janji, and their run for another statement here.


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