Why, it’s been a while!!

It’s funny how time flies by, especially when you’ve realised that your last blog post was ten days ago. Ten days….. WOW!!, since then I’ve marvelled at those running at WDW Marathon Weekend and Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend AND rolled out my legs like a boss to the point where it’s now become a daily routine.

I’ve received some awesome news today – my fortnightly visit to the physio proved that all the rolling, the heel lifts (to stretch out the calves) and the walking on the fronts of my feet are paying off and there’s less tension in the foot. This means I’m closer to getting back out there running again!!


You can say that I really am a runner transformed. I’ve read the articles about rolling, and did it a couple of times to make sure that my legs weren’t sore after a long run – but never as a preventative measure. I can’t stress enough, with the right guidance – rolling is your best friend. There are some great videos out there showing you the best way to roll your way to pain free running – check out Addaday’s page for some awesome tips! (Yes, I’m getting an Addaday too – so so excited for this one!!).

Just remember though – if you’re in pain, it’s always best to seek out medical help. Don’t be like me and keep on keeping on with the pain – if it ain’t right get it checked out!!

It’s probably a good thing that I haven’t been able to run, as it’s been crazy hot down here. I know it’s below freezing in parts of the globe – but the heat and humidity is really trying when there is no reprieve day or night. The lack of sleep, followed by the hot day does take a toll on the body, no matter how much you drink. In fact, I’m now paying closer attention to my hydration that I’m noticing that now I’m needing a whole lot more than just water to replenish the body.


My go to this summer is the Nuun Strawberry Lemonade. It’s really been my secret little helper to get through the heat. I know everyone has their opinions, or their own special way of drinking their Nuun – but my top tip is to use half a tablet in about 600ml of COLD water, let the tablet fizz out and drink to your hearts content! YUMM!

I can’t believe how I’ve changed my attitude towards water as a whole. Not so long ago I never drank water on its own, I always mixed Lime Cordial in with it. This stemmed from my dislike of the taste of water as a kid, and continued through my 20s. Now, I don’t give myself the option. I’ve learnt to love water – and have in the last week completely cut back on the soda that I had allowed myself to drink (about 300ml a day), with a couple of exceptions. So what I like about Nuun (apart from the added electrolytes) is that it does give the water a little flavour, without the sugar, and I can change things up in the day!

It’s still going to be hot for a while so it’s great to get good hydration habits in check, although we are coming to the end of January (and one more month of Summer). I was so excited to virtually cheer on all my running friends in their runDisney races over the last couple of weeks, but also crazy thrilled at the thought of competing in these events next year! I’m also counting down the days until the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend registration opens – almost 3 weeks left!!



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