Walk this way… changing foot strike

I’m currently finishing off day five of my new foot strike. I’m a natural heavy heel striker, which is the reason why I’ve ran into all these crazy injuries such as shin splints and whatever is going on with the foot. So after two weeks of no running (and a whole lot of eating thanks to the holidays) I’ve seen minimal improvement in the foot and have now been relegated to minimising the amount of walking I do in a day. This means walking my best furry friend only ONCE a day (who, mind you, is NOT impressed) and making an effort to change my foot strike to more towards the front of the foot (as well as making my stride a whole lot shorter)

bad good form

Since I’ve been walking how I’ve been walking for as long as I can remember, the first time I had to walk on the front of my feet had me strutting my stuff in the physiotherapist driveway, arms flailing. I was totally the picture of grace and skill. How could it be this hard? I managed to get my walk down to satisfy the physio, it wasn’t perfect but an improvement to the first time. I realised that this was going to be a whole lot harder than first anticipated.

The next day I set off for a morning walk in my runDisney Cinderella shoes – literary walking like I was in glass high heels. Except Cindy can keep them. I’m in no shape to try and tame heels if I’m putting in a crazy effort to “walk like a normal person” in running shoes! I’m certain passers-by were laughing at me. Heck, I was laughing at myself.


By the end of the day, my calves hurt really bad. I’ve kept up the foam rolling but it provided little relief.

The one thing that I’m trying hard to work through is the feeling that how I’m walking is completely wrong. My brain wants to get back to walking in that comfortable pattern. I guess this is what sitting in a different seat on the couch feels like. Or perhaps writing with the left hand.

While at times I still think that I’m walking like Minnie Mouse in her big yellow heels, I’ve gotten myself to a point where I’m feeling like I’m a tiny bit more comfortable with walking in the new adjusted way. I’m trying to look like it’s not a whole lot of hard work. My calves have settled down which is a great thing, but there still is a little bit of pressure in the front of the foot (and a whole lot of swelling). Hopefully it will calm down over the next week and hopefully my (walking) form improves!

I’m just itching to get back out there and run again!! In positive news, I’m totally nailing this foam rolling gig and am currently sitting at 100% completion for the year! *Virtual high-five!*

Has anyone else experienced the issue of changing foot strike? Please tell me it gets easier!


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