Must-do Monday: Giving back

Today’s must-have post has changed into a must-do, and this year I’ve decided that I need to play a bigger part in giving back to the community. So this is what I’m planning to do in 2015..

At the starting line.


I’ve already registered for two events as a volunteer this year, the Spartan Stadium Sprint held in the Sydney Olympic Stadium (so awesome!!) and Miss Muddy – an untimed women’s mud run. It definitely makes the beginning part of the year exciting as I wait for the all-clear to sign up to run again!

I don’t need to say that volunteers are the backbone of the races, and can make the atmosphere absolutely electric – we all know it! I absolutely love the energy and enthusiasm that I have experienced from volunteers in the races that I have ran in the past, especially at the Disneyland Half Marathon. They are also the ones who get up SUPER early with us, but don’t actually run and don’t get a medal at the end. They are our support when we don’t have anyone else out there – they can really light the fire when the going gets tough. So THANK YOU volunteers, you guys certainly ROCK!

I’m hoping to give my time back to the running community and to encourage/motivate runners of all skills to get out there and smash the respective courses!

Fundraise for a future race

I’m still a little far off actually going ahead with the Marathon, but I have thought that it would be an awesome idea to fundraise for a charity while I look at completing the long distance! What better way to celebrate such a huge achievement than giving back?

At the moment I’m only looking at fundraising separately to race registration (I’ll purchase that myself) as I’m not entirely sure how the process plays out as an international. This was just looking at at the charities that participate in runDisney – I could always look at a local Aussie charity and fundraise outside the runDisney universe.

Be socially aware and support AWESOME companies that do good in the world..

I’m so excited for my first Janji purchase. I have been a long time lurker, but a first time buyer just before the new year. If you haven’t been made aware of Janji, essentially they are a company that, through their clothing, allow runners to run for another and give people around the world access to water (since water plays a HUGE part in a runner’s life). Janji partner with some fantastic charities in countries like Haiti, Peru and even the US to bring water to where it’s needed. More details on their story can be found here.

Currently loving these Janji tights!
Currently loving these Janji tights!

They have some really awesome designs for both men and women, with each country collection aiding to water-themed activities there. Even though it’s summer, I’m currently obsessing over these tights. They are so awesome design wise, and they provide 3 years of clean water to a person in Tanzania. It’s a win-win situation right?

Now I’m just waiting for the mailman to arrive with my goodies (these tights sadly won’t be in the box – maybe next time)! Another thing for those not US-based, the shipping charges from Janji are super reasonable which is also a great thing too!

Are you thinking about giving back in 2015? What activities are you planning? 


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