Oh no I didn’t!!!

Ummm, yes I did! It’s a good 243 days until the Disneyland Half Weekend (remember, registration opens in about 37 days) but that didn’t stop me from starting one of my costumes….


I had some extra time on my hands and was feeling uber creative. Call me WAY TOO ENTHUSIASTIC but I have the majority of the materials that I need to create my intended three costumes for the weekend (looking to repeat the Dumbo Double Dare and 5K run combo). Also it being summer here means I gotta get it all done quick to see how it holds up to similar conditions in September!

This one is intended for the 10K given the course runs past the Tower of Terror ride, I think that it will be an AWESOME photo opportunity. They better not change it up on me!!!

It’s going to look super awesome partnered with a Sparkle Athletic skirt and while I need to get some more gold buttons for the top part, I think this needs some extra sparkle along the black of the hat. Perhaps it may be overkill but I think the more sparkly the better!!

Now I just gotta get through the registration..

Let me know what you think – keep as is or add extra sparkle?


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