So long 2014!!!!

I can’t believe that Christmas is done and we are now down to 2 more days left of the year. Seriously, where did 2014 go?? It was my second year back running and this year’s focus was on running the Dumbo Double Dare at the Disneyland Half in August. Along the way to the end of the year, I’ve learnt some pretty awesome stuff..

My, what great socks you have!

Not everyone will win, but finishing is just as awesome. 

As a kid, I had Olympic athletic dreams which unfortunately never happened. In my mind, I was all about placement. So skip forward about 16 years and while my speed and preferred distance (I used to focus on sprints) have completely changed, the mindset didn’t. I struggled a little while with the fact that I wasn’t as good as what I wanted to be. I’m no half-marathon champion. I was focusing on the wrong things. I learnt to accept my pace for what it is (I can keep working on it) and just be happy about finishing these distances that I never previously would have thought about running.

I’ve also accepted the fact that walk breaks are also ok and NOT admitting defeat.

I’m addicted………

… runDisney events. Now I don’t have much other experience with US based races, but the first and only time I have ran in a runDisney event, I instantly fell in love. The whole experience is incredible (the characters!!, the course!!, the volunteers!! and the other runners!!) and a celebration of smashing the 21km. I cannot wait to go back and run more events.


Runners are amazing people..

I have honestly gone into this sport solo – none of my social group actually run, but have made some incredible friends out of running and shared some amazing experiences at the Disneyland Half!! I’ve also been part of one of the BEST ambassador programs going around – the BibRave Pro team; who are some of the most awesome people going around.

I can improve on 2013. 

2013 was my inaugural running year. I competed in a couple of 10k events, and a half at the end of the year. I was impressed with my milage for that year given I had 0kms the previous year. So when I surpassed that 2013 distance mid-2014 I was pretty impressed. I’ve also ran in a lot more 10k events (and a 5k) but still only managed one half. That is going to change in 2015!

I can (try to) run a Marathon. 

So all the cool kids are apparently going all the way. I must admit, I thought I’d never be THAT crazy to run that distance until I started following some of my friend’s marathon adventures. I can say that the distance scared me. Not anymore! I’ve now made that commitment (I decided to do it this year, so it can be in my yearly review). Jan 2016. It’s now written on the internet so I have to go along with it.

Injury means down but not out.

Here’s the key – just because I’m injured doesn’t mean I’m never going to run again & the massive tub of running gear is all for nothing. Learning to cope with an injury, especially where you can’t run for an extended amount of time, is hard. Your brain starts playing tricks on you and you start to believe that you’ll never tie those laces together and hit the pavement. It’s been a long year battling with something that I had no clue as to what it could possibly be. After many attempts and seeing wide array of people, I have some sort of an idea as to what it is, and a treatment plan. Right now, as much as I am unhappy not running; I’m happy knowing I’m doing what I can to make sure that I run right in the new year.

So much sparkle!
So much sparkle!

Sparkle makes everything better! 

I’ve always loved anything that sparkles. Sooooooo why not sparkle when I run? I have previously mentioned that Sparkle Athletic is my must-have for running skirts, but I also use Sparkly Soul headbands for that extra oomph! There is definitely something about putting on the sparkle, it must be like a super-power, as it makes you feel extra AWESOME – it did drive me to keep running through a crazy mid-race thunderstorm and get to the finish.

Ready to sparkle!!
Ready to sparkle!!

I need to hydrate/roll better..

It’s pretty self explanatory. My hydration has definitely changed for the better in the second half of the year, but it’s no where near what is needed, especially in summer. Rolling on the other hand, is something that I’m absolutely dreadful at doing. Really, I’ve only done it post-race a handful of times. But with this injury I have to spend time during the day rolling out those calves. I swear, I’ve rolled more in the last week than I have in the 50 weeks preceding!

So goodbye 2014, you’ve been pretty awesome! Welcome 2015, it’s going to be a great ride (and my 2 year runniversary!).



2 thoughts on “So long 2014!!!!

    1. Thanks Heather! It’s been awesome getting to know you too and I can’t wait to hear about your WDW/Dopey Adventures! Have a great New Year!


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