It’s a BibRave Pro Stocking Stuffer Week! Day 4 – Garmin..

Disclaimer: I’m lucky enough to be continuing as a BibRave Pro Ambassador for 2015 (woohoo!).The products featured were vendors who partnered with BibRave during 2014, however all opinions and words are my own. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews! 

We’re nearing the end of the BibRave Pro Stocking Stuffer week (sponsored by Zensah) and today it’s about time. Seriously. Amy is our BibRave Pro for the day, and has selected Garmin watches as the perfect stocking stuffer gift. You can follow Amy and her ultra fun over here.

Day 4 of the BibRave Pro Stocking Stuffer week and it's about time to talk time - Garmin watches that is.. Pic from BibRave
Day 4 of the BibRave Pro Stocking Stuffer week and it’s about time to talk time – Garmin watches that is.. 

I’ve been running with a Garmin watch since about August 2013, when I decided that I couldn’t possibly run with my iPhone anymore (the armbands were causing so much issue to my arms – they even drew blood on numerous occasions).

I did drop into my local running store to see what would be the best running watch – I had been using the Nike+ running app, and had been aware of the Nike GPS Sportswatch so went to see what I could get. The store pointed me in the direction of the Garmin, more specifically the Forerunner 10.

This has since been replaced by the Forerunner 15, however it is a great entry model into the Garmin range. I personally have been using it mostly for distance and time per km. That said, I’ve just been venturing into the other features of it – more specifically the run/walk pacing (this one doesn’t vibrate upon change into and out of walk). One tip when using the Garmin – don’t put the automatic pause on. I found that while I paused manually, as soon as I restarted the automatic pause kicked in and I again had to restart.



Time wise, I’ve done about 3 hours and it still has battery. I’ve heard that this won’t last the length of a slow marathon and the next model, the Garmin 220 will. I haven’t tried the run/walk mode over this length of time but would imagine that it will drain the battery a little more than the standard mode.

In regards to GPS, it is Garmin -and given they have a suite of GPS related products, it picks up a signal with very little worry. I have noticed that it is slower in some places, such as home even though it’s on the coast – perhaps due to the smaller amount of other devices connected; than places such as Disneyland or Toronto, Canada where the amount of runners connecting is substantial.

I have only had one problem with my Garmin watch – and really it came down to the lack of space available. For a good couple of months the device wouldn’t update, and kept showing an error as I connected with the Garmin Updater. After chatting with Garmin Support, I was able to discover that my Garmin was maxed out! No more space available. I had to delete all my runs (*sigh*). Luckily I was able to keep them via the Garmin Connect website – this houses all my run data since I received my device. I’ve found the information that I have gotten out of the device amazing! Not only time, distance and km splits – but also the actual course, how many calories you’ve worked off (not sure how true this is), and elevation on the course. Most of it I just like looking at for fun, but really keep track of my time per kilometre, so I can see if I’m improving the more I run. When the going got tough in a few races, I made sure I stayed under a certain self-imposed time – it was easy to keep track of when the watch tells you the split!

Within the Garmin Connect website you can also get reports on the distance and time taken while running. For 2014 I’ve ran over 550km – a PR over 2013!!!

There are a whole lot of other features on the Garmin Connect website – like creating a running course or saving someone else’s course and uploading it to your device! Unfortunately this isn’t a feature that is available on the Garmin 10 – in fact, it’s probably mostly reserved for multi-sport devices or the cycling units.

I do love my Garmin watch, and although I don’t need any more features – I am concerned with the battery time when it comes down to training for the marathon in 2016. I may be asking for a higher model from Santa in 2015!!

Don’t forget to join the BibChat conversation every Tuesday at 8P CT (Wednesday for Aussies – check the timezones). It’s a great way to connect with runners around the world!


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