It’s a BibRave Pro Stocking Stuffer Week! Day 3 – Addaday Rollers!!

Disclaimer: I’m lucky enough to be continuing as a BibRave Pro Ambassador for 2015 (woohoo!).The products featured were vendors who partnered with BibRave during 2014, however all opinions and words are my own. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews! 

Today is ALL about rolling. And it’s something that I don’t do often enough. BibRave Pro Angie’s favourite for the BibRave Stocking Stuffer Week (sponsored by Zensah) is the Addaday roller. You can follow Angie’s awesome adventures over at her blog here.

Day 3 of the BibRave Pro Stocking Stuffer week. And of course, it's all about rolling.. Pic from BibRave
Day 3 of the BibRave Pro Stocking Stuffer week. And of course, it’s all about rolling.. Pic from BibRave

While I don’t have an Addaday roller, I do have a standard and somewhat boring foam roller that sits in the corner more than it does being rolled on any part of my body. Perhaps I should shout out loud that I’m going to TRY and roll better in 2015!!

So why roll?

It gives our tired and overworked muscles some do-it-yourself soft tissue therapy. It also helps decrease injury through the increase of flexibility in the muscles. Be warned, it can hurt as much as it feels incredibly good.

What is the Addaday roller? 

The Addaday rollers certainly look out of this world, but each model has been created with efficiency to encourage muscle recovery, optimal blood flow and easy navigation throughout the body. The Type C model also features a red smaller ball for pin point precision – which aids with targeting in on the shin splints and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Addaday Type C roller. Looks amazing!! Picture from Addaday.
                                               Addaday Type C roller. Looks amazing!! 

Addaday promotes that the gears on their rollers “knead like a human elbow” and will give a deep tissue-like massage.

As a new runner, I found it quite difficult to realise why I needed to roll (especially when I was only going shorter kilometres); and most importantly – where do I get some information so I can do it properly? 

Runner’s World Magazine has a great foam rolling video series that is really helpful, especially coming from a legitimate source of information (what do you mean I can’t believe EVERYTHING on the internet??). They have created 8 videos, which take you through the most popular rolling techniques such as the IT Band, Quads & Calves- which can be found clicking through here.

Please make sure that you consult a doctor if you have an injury, disease, condition or any other health-related concern before using any rolling product. If you experience any pain or discomfort please stop immediately and see advise from a medical professional.

Unfortunately for Aussies, as awesome as the Addaday roller looks, it is unavailable down under. For those in the US, you can click here to find your local store or buy direct.

If you’re interested in reading more about the Addaday roller, check out my fellow BibRave Pro Ambassador reviews here:

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