Role models are AWESOME!

When I was a kid, my goal was to compete in the Olympics and as I continued to train and compete; my list of role models grew. My spare time was spent on the track (I enrolled in so many Little Athletic camps) and was lucky enough to meet a lot of my role models – among a few was Melinda Gainsford-Taylor (Australian Sprinter), Linford Christie and Carl Lewis.

So why is it that when we become adults, we lose our role models? I guess life gets in the way, it’s all about work, responsibilities and barely any “me” time. Why would we need role models to get through our day to day?

Although I had started running again back in February 2013, it wasn’t until later in the year that I started to become familiar with those big names in the running world. A story appeared on my Facebook news feed just over a year ago, written by US runner Lauren Fleshman about “Keeping it real” and posted pictures from both Oiselle’s show during NY Fashion Week and then personal photos a couple of days later. This blew my mind. Here was an amazing runner posting about her quirks with the message that no one is perfect. For the first time in forever I found myself totally fangirling!

Lauren Fleshman. Source: Oiselle
Lauren Fleshman. Source: Oiselle

Lauren’s blog led me to the women’s clothing line Oiselle (yes, I’m obsessed with perusing the website and writing a massive wishlist – shipping is a bit pricey to Australia!!). At the same time, Kara Goucher was signing to the Oiselle running team. Woot woot!! Another awesome female!!

Kara Goucher. Source: Oiselle
Kara Goucher. Source: Oiselle

What is awesome is how both these amazing runners are like us, they have both good and bad run days and are more than happy to share their thoughts and experiences with us.  They are incredible women – running, raising children and pursuing business opportunities within the active living world. These women show that it’s possible to do it all – and sure, it may be hard along the way and no one is perfect, but it’s all about the journey.

It’s awesome to have role models again. I thank them for motivating me to be the best runner that I can be. The rest of the world out there can keep the Kardashians, I’m rocking it with the realest women on the planet.


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