Must-have Monday: Pro Compression Socks


wpid-img_20141201_200104.jpgI must admit. I have a crazy problem with Pro Compession socks! I don’t think it’s as bad as some others, I only have 9 pairs of the Marathon socks. But I have also moved onto the  ankle socks thanks to the Neon PC Runner. I tried and tried to avoid the Pro Compression table at the Disneyland Half Marathon Expo, but it was the last day and I was drawn in. Plus they had a really good expo deal (so that makes it all right, right?)

When I started running, socks gave me an enormous amount of grief. I just ran in standard socks and ended up with an insane amount of blisters or stress points where I accidentally had a fold in the sock. As I increased the distance, I started looking for solutions to my issue – how was I to get a moisture wicking sock that was comfortable and wouldn’t bunch up? Additionally I needed to look at how to treat my legs so they were relaxed and happy post run!

But where to start among all the huge amount of sock brands out there…

I started to notice Pro Compression on twitter, many runners out there were talking about them, so I thought I’d have a look. Price wise, they are extremely comparative to the cost of compression socks down here, BUT they do have some awesome discount coupons if you sign up to their newsletter AND you also get first notice with the sock of the month – generally a really great design which is themed to the time of the year (November had a great brown/orange Fall design, while this month has a blue Snowflake design). There was only one more thing that was standing in the way….. shipping!!! Pro Compression only charge $10 to ship to Australia with about a 7-14 day shipping time, which makes it even more easy to order!

What I love about Pro Compression socks is that they really do keep tight. I started off wearing these post-run, but then wore them during the long race runs, training runs and I’ve even slept in them in between the 10k and Half Marathon at Disneyland! I was most surprised at successfully sleeping in them – one way you just know they are super comfy is the fact that they stayed on ALL NIGHT! There was no mid-night in-sleep sock removal going on!!

Running wise, I haven’t had any sock problems since I bought these. Once on, they don’t move at all. You can run for kilometres and kilometres and these will not fall down.

My, what great socks you have!
My, what great socks you have!

If you’re not familiar with compression socks, the socks themselves work by increasing the blood flow around the legs, which aid in recovery. They reach up towards the knee (although not over the knee), are super comfortable and are not difficult to get on or off and as a plus – Pro Compression socks are made in the USA.

Pro Compression explained. Source: Pro Compression
Pro Compression explained. Source: Pro Compression

Size wise, Pro Compression are really good – going from a XS through to a L/XL with the three sizes. If you do want them tighter you can go down a size. I’m normally a S/M (size 8 women’s shoe) however I almost missed out on the Orange Boom! socks and sized down to an XS. I must admit, I was a little worried that they would be super tight but when they arrived they fit like a glove! It’s great to know that I can use either size.

If socks aren’t your thing, Pro Compression also make calf sleeve and they have just released compression leggings for both men and women.

With the way these socks feel & the awesome designs, it’s no wonder that I can’t get enough of them. The only problem is that some of the designs are so popular, you really need to get them when you see them otherwise you risk missing out!

December Sock of the Month!! Snowflakes!! Source: Pro Compression
December Sock of the Month!! Snowflakes!! Source: Pro Compression

Do you have a preferred running sock? 




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