May the medal be with you!

Over the last couple of weeks the team at runDisney have unveiled their Star Wars themed medals for the respective weekend in January 2015. To be honest, I didn’t really pay too much attention to this race at registration time, but kinda wish I had now signed up for it. It’s hard to pick and choose what races to run when you live so far away! I just want to do them all!

As per usual, the medals are absolutely second to none. I’ve decided that one of the best jobs at runDisney would be being a medal designer, it must be so much fun to throw designs around and then see them realised on hundreds of thousands of runners.

Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Medals: Source: runDisney FaceBook page
Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Medals: Source: runDisney FaceBook page

I really like the Stormtrooper 10K medal, with coordinating ribbon and hope, hope, hope that it continues in 2016; the Half Marathon medal is really awesome and if you are aware of it’s relevance to the movies, it’s the Medal of Bravery that Princess Leia presents to Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. While it may seem really trivial for those of us who aren’t hugely into Star Wars (and perhaps some would prefer other characters on the medal), I think it’s a really nice touch and would have been a missed opportunity had they not gone ahead with this design.

What I think makes runDisney medals so special is the small attention to detail, which Disney is synonymous for in it’s theme parks, and the complete theming from the medals straight through to the event themselves. For instance, the Princess Half Marathon medal in 2014 was themed to Cinderella – complete with the blue accents on the ribbon and on the medal itself; however the theming didn’t end there – the 10K had the Pumpkin Coach featured and of course the Glass Slipper Challenge had that famous shoe front and centre on the medal!

These medals compliment the focus on women for the weekend; with lots of curved fonts, curved bordering and organic shapes which feature on the medal and the ribbon. It provides a softer feel to the medals than that compared to the other weekends which we tend to see sharper lines and blocked fonts. This softer feel is also replicated on the medals for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon Weekend.

My only experience is the Disneyland Half Weekend and I absolutely loved the medals from this year, especially with the Lilo and Stitch theming for the 5K & 10K. It was also my HUGE goal to get the traditional D medal for running the half. The sizes of these medals really dwarves the other medals that I have from running down here in Australia, showing that you really do get rewarded for the effort that’s put in. In fact, I think there’s all round a huge emphasis on awesome medals up in North America for everything from a 5K to a Marathon!

I’m looking forward to seeing all the medals released for the upcoming races, including those races that I’m not running. It’s super motivating to get out there and pound the pavement until race day knowing there is a nice shiny piece of bling waiting at that Disney finish line!

What is your favourite runDisney medal? If you haven’t ran a Disney race – what other medal is awesome in your collection?


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