I’m all about the goals….

Now that we are approaching the end of the year and as I’ve been getting back into the swing of things, I’ve really been thinking about my goals. The past couple of years I have really set my goals around the New Year – although I refuse to call them resolutions since they always get broken. This year I’m in a different frame of mind and I’m shaking things up and setting them now!!

First lot of goals - time focused (these may take a little longer!)
First lot of goals – time focused (these may take a little longer!)

Getting those times..

Firstly I’m setting some goal times, I’m realistically aiming for a 2:20 half time next year, shaving several minutes off my current half time. My second goal time – 2:02:58 actually came to me in a dream, so I can’t ignore it right? This is one goal that will take a lot longer to hit.

Setting the races..

I’m looking at some pretty awesome races in 2015 and even 2016. With those runDisney races, you’ve essentially got to plan 9 months out, which is where 2016 comes in the mix. I’m super excited to look at taking a runcation again, and incorporating the Great Smoky Mountains Half into the mix!

I’ve already signed up to the SMH Half Marathon which is in May, and winds it’s way around the Sydney CBD. I haven’t yet done this before and it was definitely one of the races I have wanted to accomplish since I started running again.

I’m looking forward to running Disney again, and have made an uber goal to run both the WDW Marathon Weekend in January 2016, followed by the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend to get that awesome Coast to Coast medal.

I've got some pretty big races that I'm trying to aim for..
I’ve got some pretty big races that I’m trying to aim for..

Time to marathon?

Given I’m looking at the WDW Marathon Weekend, I’m looking at 2016 to be my first marathon experience!!! I think that setting this goal with just over a year to get there is realistic and have just bit the bullet and ordered Hal Higdon’s Marathon book to try and get all the help I can get! I’m both excited and scared of this goal but know that when I get there (at a 42K/26.2 mile) it will be a HUGE accomplishment.

Write them down

What is more motivating than seeing your goals daily? Have my goals written down on a chalkboard next to my running medals. There’s nothing better than seeing daily what has been achieved with where I want to go next. It also definitely helps on those less than motivated days.

Non-running goals 

I do have some non-running goals too, one of which (and it’s a biggie) is to hike up Yosemite’s Half Dome. It’s a 14 to 16 mile hike, roughly about 10 to 12 hours and you need a permit to be able to make the final ascent to the top of the Half Dome, as this stage of the hike is all cables. It’s 5,000 feet above Yosemite Valley and 8,800 feet above sea level. It’s going to be quite a hike but I hope to conquer this one!!

With these awesome goals, I say bring on the new year! No need for resolutions, I’m already gearing myself up to make every part of it as AWESOME as it can be!!

Have you set your 2015 goals, or have you already registered for any races yet? 



2 thoughts on “I’m all about the goals….

    1. That’s awesome!! What a great one to pick for your first HM!! The parks are great to run through but the support once you get out onto the Anaheim streets is incredible!! You’ll have a super awesome time!!

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