Flipping out over the FlipBelt!! (Review)

Disclaimer: I received a FlipBelt to review as part of being a BibRave Pro Ambassador. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews! While the opportunity came my way thanks to the awesome group, all views and opinions are mine.

I don’t know about all of you, but I constantly wear shorts without pockets. Where in the world do I put all of my gear? I do own a running belt, but it is huge for the iPod and keys that I generally take for my smaller, more frequent runs. So when BibRave sent me the opportunity to test out a FlipBelt I jumped at the chance. I had read about Flipbelt before as I was researching typical runDisney expo vendors and was disappointed that they weren’t at the Disneyland Half.

Firstly let me tell you about FlipBelt. It is a long tubular waistband made of moisture-wicking spandex-lycra which has 4 openings (2 front and 2 back) which allow easy access to your beloved items while you are on the move. If you want extra security, just flip it!

There are a range of colours available (10 in fact) – I chose the slightly less crazy carbon (although it was hard to not choose Pink) but figured this would suit the wide array of running skirts and shorts that I have.

The belts are available online for $28.99USD (plus tax) but also may be at your local running store – check the store locator here. For those outside the US, FlipBelt does ship internationally, it took about 3 weeks of impatient waiting to get my belt!

In order to get a firm review I put the FlipBelt through three tests – a comfortability test, a “but-can-it-fit-all-my-gear” test and finally the running test.

Comfortability test

As soon as I received the FlipBelt in the mail, I put it on. FlipBelt themselves tout the product as a “balanced belt” which doesn’t bounce. I for one am a VERY picky runner when it comes to my gear. A slight irritation and it’s done.

First time with the Flipbelt.. how does it hold up?
First time with the Flipbelt.. how does it hold up?

For the first test, I put the belt on before taking my dog for a 40 minute walk. I did order the size larger than what I would get, as I wanted to have it sit on my hips, not on the lower back where the belts generally sit. I was a little nervous but quickly SUPER happy to discover that the belt sat PERFECTLY on my hips, no need to move the FlipBelt higher.

To be honest, I forgot the belt was even on! It is super comfy and doesn’t pinch at all due to the tubular material – there’s no straps or clips! It didn’t ride up, or fall down; there was no re-adjustment needed at all!

Comfortability test = PASS!! 

“But-can-it-fit-all-my-gear” test

Comfortability is important but the BIG question is – how much stuff can it hold? So I tested this theory with trying to stuff as much running related gear in the FlipBelt as possible. Think of it as the FlipBelt vs. the Banana, Keys, Body Glide, Chocolate Square, Clif Shot Bloks, iPod, Lip Balm and Honey Stinger Waffles (or ESSENTIAL RUNNING NEEDS!!). **Note – A Banana MAY have been harmed in the process**

So much stuff - but can the FlipBelt fit it all in?
So much stuff – but can the FlipBelt fit it all in?

Firstly, the Banana had to go in, it’s the bulkiest item and I needed to ensure it would fit. Now I know reality means you’d eat the Banana before or after your run and wouldn’t necessarily carry it on you, but what fun it keeping within the rules?

Banana goes in first, and fits perfectly!
Banana goes in first, and fits perfectly!

Next, the Clif Shot Bloks. Now I did utilise the next opening on the belt; as I imagined that the left was taken up with the Banana. What is interesting about the FlipBelt is that there are no seams internally – it’s a single tube. You could feed your items and thread them through if preferred; however the team has made it SUPER EASY to get your gear in and out.

Banana + Clif Shot Bloks
Banana + Clif Shot Bloks

And so we go……

Adding the Chocolate Squares into the same compartment as the Clif Shot Bloks.
Adding the Chocolate Squares into the same compartment as the Clif Shot Bloks.
Onto the Body Glide... Now there's no excuse to chafe!
Onto the Body Glide… Now there’s no excuse to chafe!
There's room for Lip Balm.
There’s room for Lip Balm.

Moving onto the back now..

First of the Honey Stingers. Two of these fit nicely into the belt.
First of the Honey Stingers. Two of these fit nicely into the belt.
Tunes for the run.... check!
Tunes for the run…. check!

And finally….. keys!!!!

Last item to fit in..
Last item to fit in..
The belt with all the gear inside!
The belt with all the gear inside!

What was surprising was that the FlipBelt could fit ALL this gear in, no issue. It wasn’t bursting at the seams, in fact – I probably could have fit some more! But what does it look like on?

Not too bulky!!
Not too bulky!!

It’s not too bulky at all! And there were no real issues with anything poking or prodding through the material into my skin. Now I wouldn’t run with so much gear BUT this FlipBelt can hold a whole lot.

“But-can-it-fit-all-my-gear” test = PASS!! 

Running test

So with two tests passed, onto the all important running test. It’s always the way with new toys that they feel great just walking around but when put under the stresses of running things start to go wrong and we find the little issues that just play on our mind as we go kilometres into the run.

I made sure the FlipBelt stayed on my hips – not at my back (personal preference) and stuck my keys and iPod in as I was only going 4K today.

I started the run, it stayed on my hips. I paused in the middle of my run, it was still on my hips. When I pulled into the driveway 4K later, it was still on my hips. The FlipBelt DID NOT MOVE at all.


Yes, the FlipBelt did not move at all.

The bad thing I could find with the belt was that my iPod travelled inside the tube due to the lack of gear (not really any fault of the FlipBelt) – but it was super easy to get the player in and out of the belt as I ran along!

Running test = PASS!!

That’s a whopping 3 out of 3 for the FlipBelt! This product is absolutely AMAZING and I am a convert!! It’s comfortable, fits all the gear that I need and doesn’t move when running. Now the only problem is to convince myself that I don’t need ALL the colours!

Do you run with the FlipBelt? Or do you have a go-to running belt that you swear by? 


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