Must-have Monday: SPARKLE!!!!!

So much sparkle!
So much sparkle!

Off the back of the Disney Avenger’s Half Marathon weekend one of the absolutely essential things that I have discovered since undergoing my running journey is the need to have fun while you run. And what better way to do this then with some SPARKLE!

While there are numerous companies out there, and a whole lot of products in tow, one of my must-haves is a Sparkle Athletic skirt. There are two types of skirts available – a light and semi-transperant version available in different colours; or a thicker, slightly heavier (and not transparent) material which are more “designer” type prints such as the Minnie Mouse print in the image above. Both skirts are to be teamed up with your favourite pair of bottoms whether it be shorts, pants or leggings; as they don’t have built in shorts.

So what’s in a skirt apart from sparkle? One of the things that I love about Sparkle Athletic is that Carrie, Elise and Kelly (founders and chief sparkle makers) are all about the positivity and fun of running, encouraging all runners (no matter size or speed) to just be awesome (one of Sparkle Athletic’s mantras!). Why should running be so serious?

I started off getting my first skirt (it was the yellow one) this time last year as I had decided that I was going to register for the Disneyland Half Marathon (yes, I purchased LONG before I had signed up) and I had decided that I was going to dress as Snow White. Skip forward and now I have 9 skirts which I not only wear during races, but also on those training runs that need extra motivation!!

Running in a Sparkle Athletic skirt definitely attracts attention, I have experienced a range of comments while running in the skirts both negative and positive – from shock at running with someone in a sparkly skirt to people actually cheering you on at the sidelines!! The one time I had a bad comment, I just brushed it aside – why anyone would not be happy next to a sparkly runner I don’t know.

Celebrating running in costume at the finish line!
Celebrating running in costume at the finish line!

Did I mention it’s just AWESOME running in costume? I ran the entire Disneyland Half weekend in costume paired with a skirt and came out with awesome pictures and no worries at all during the races (these skirts don’t chafe or anything!!); it’s a fun place to dress in a fun way.

I did pick up a bounty of skirts at that runDisney expo (yep, Team Sparkle is represented at all runDisney event expos) so I guess you can say that I’m looking forward to a sparkling 2015!!

Can't get enough of the Flat Sparkle!
Can’t get enough of the Flat Sparkle!
Made it and got the bling!!!
Made it and got the bling!!!

Who else is a Team Sparkle fan? 


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