Putting one foot back in front of the other….

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks (almost 2 months!) since the Disneyland Half, it seems like a completely distant memory now. My recap mentioned the immense pain that I was feeling in my foot – it was so bad that I couldn’t put any weight on it when I returned back to Australia.

Sitting on the Disneyland train post half marathon..  Couldn't walk but had to make to most of being in the park!
Sitting on the Disneyland train post half marathon.. Couldn’t walk but had to make to most of being in the park!

An X-Ray proved that it wasn’t a stress fracture (phew!) but as I attempted to run on it again, the pain was immense in the front of my foot. What could it possibly be?

A quick trip to the podiatrist and a subsequent ultrasound proved that I was suffering bursitis – inflammation of the bursa between the big & second toes. This had been occurring since April, and as the bones rubbed together when I ran, the more likely it was to lose feeling in the foot. I was so happy to have found the answer to my problems – I also had a video of my gait done as well, to see how my foot placement was.

Good news is that it looked to be an easy fix – no running for a while and an adjustment to my current orthotic. After subsequent weeks off – the pain is no longer around with just walking, and after this last visit – I CAN RUN AGAIN!!! (Although I did do a sneaky 3K run in Toronto last weekend).

After all the questions I had since these issues arose – and the different theories to what had been causing it, I’m so happy at the thought of running pain & numbness free!! I’m also looking forward to resetting my goals for 2015, while the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend was my #1 focus for the year, other runs and opportunities fell by the wayside as I tried to deal with the foot. Next year is going to be my year.

Bring on 2015.


2 thoughts on “Putting one foot back in front of the other….

  1. You will rock it! I am trying to think of a goal after Dopey for next year. I kinda feel a bit like once I have done Dopey it will be hard to find a new goal, because in doing Dopey I have achieved the impossible. I am thinking maybe a half ironman plus awesome new (official race) PR’s in 5k, 10k and half- seeing as I can run them now but haven’t had a chance to race those distances since the Dopey training kicked in 🙂 Just talking about gets me all excited!


    1. You’re amazing for attempting Dopey!!! I actually hadn’t run a 5K until Disneyland either, it’s strange that it seems to be the distance overlooked (or done as a non-serious race). I’m hoping to get my half time down next year and maybe start looking at a marathon. In fact, I was discussing the Dopey challenge last night so this could be a 2016 possibility. I can’t wait to hear about your trips and if next year you decide to do a half ironman.. that’s quite an achievement!! 😀


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