Planning the Disneyland Half!

It’s 8 weeks until the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend!

20140703-193725-70645470.jpgI can’t believe that sign up for the race was the end of January, where does time go? Now that we are getting to the tail end of the countdown, I’ve started planning the trip to make it as amazing as it can get!

I’ve already got my accommodation (I actually reserved a room as soon as I could book pre-registration) and flights (International is cheaper the further out, so I did buy them a day or two prior to registration) – I’m only hanging around for 6 days but I’m planning on getting the most out of it!

I’ll be park-hopping LIKE A BOSS..

I’ve purchased my park tickets through GET Travel, they are offering discounts to runners for the weekend, I actually saved about $60 on the gate price, and you get to pick them up at the expo (alternatively US residents can get them mailed).   They do recommend getting them sooner rather than later so ensure the pick-up process is smooth.

We’ve hit 60 days out for food reservations! 

I cannot tell you how many times I refreshed the screen until bookings were made available for Sunday 30th August. I was determined to get in for Goofy’s Kitchen post-race so I can EAT ALL THE FOOD!! Happy to say that I managed to get my reservation, and I’m ready to hang out with Goofy and the gang.

I’ve made a couple of reservations elsewhere earlier on the weekend, but I’m trying to keep to the regular food I normally eat. If I could, I would be up somewhere like Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen (I would love to try it) but I don’t think it’s going to work pre-race.

I’m going to the Spa in the Grand Californian Resort & Spa! 

I thought that I was crazy prepared when I spoke to the Mandara Spa team early March about booking a spa treatment post-race. I normally don’t have massages, but given I’ll be sitting on a plane 14 hours the next day, it’s probably best to have a little relaxation and release the muscles from 3 days of running. I was surprised when I was informed that I had the last booking for the day, and that I could perhaps have another time if I waited for confirmation that they would put more masseurs on. That was March, I’m not sure what their schedule looks like now, but I’m assuming it’s pretty full. If you’re keen, it’s probably best to call now and chat to the staff, rather than try to wing it on the weekend.

Awesome medals!! Picture courtesy of Run Disney.
Awesome medals!! Picture courtesy of Run Disney.

Argh!!!!! It’s the medals!!!! 

Fact: I love all the Disneyland Half Weekend medals. (Can someone please also hand me a Kid’s one when I cross the line? It’s awesome!)

Stitch is a personal favourite of mine, as mentioned in my previous post when the theming had been released. I had quickly purchased the 10K pin at the time when the training plans came out, and now looking at the 5K medal, I definitely think that the 5K pin is also on my must have list.

I’ve noticed that the Dooney & Bourke bags have also been released for pre-order. I’m not going to get one, but everything I’ve read indicates that they are pretty popular, so if you’re edging towards the “Yes, I must have it” corner, pre-ordering is the way to go in guaranteeing a bag.

I’m quite excited to see what the participant shirts will be like, and if there will be any special themed merchandise with Lilo & Stitch. I’ve seen that 10K merchandise is quite limited – with the focus more on the challenges & the half. Good thing that I’ve got the Runner’s World Welcome extra early hour in the merchandise booth (although somewhat limited to room).

You’re trying to fit it in that? 

I'm just taking these two..
I’m just taking these two..

And that brings me to my next point, the most important decision is certainly coming up – what to take. This is the bag combination that I’m trying to take all the running + regular gear in. It’s already a given that the costumes are in. As is the running shoes (I’ll be wearing one pair).

I’ve got a 55 min connection in Auckland (flying Sydney – Auckland – LA) so really not keen to check anything in and everyone I’ve spoken to recommends is to take all the running gear with you anyway.

I’ve started writing lists (and checking them twice :P) and I have travel space bags on the ready. Items that I previously thought about bringing, I’m seriously considering now leaving behind. I’ve organised myself to order a roller to arrive at the hotel pre-race (no need to take one over) and I’ve also decided against bringing my own breakfast purely due to space (and I can potentially get yummy & nutritious post-race food anywhere).

I think that I’ll review the list another couple of times before it’s time to pack, but I’ve also got to make sure I have room for all the goodies, both the race shirts and the other extra items I’m looking at getting – more Sparkle Athletic visors perhaps???

Keeping those fingers crossed that I’ll be able to get it all in!!


Who else is attending the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend? Have you also planned out your weekend?


















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