ENERGYbits review: I became powered by bits!

The bits arrived!
The bits arrived!

Thanks to ENERGYbits sponsoring BibChat this week, I was lucky enough to receive a couple of samples of bits to try. I had heard of ENERGYbits thanks to the running community on twitter, however must admit that I had previously put it in the “nice to try” basket, and assumed it was like all the other energy supplements that are out there. Plus it’s algae and I don’t know about you, but that to me didn’t sound completely appetising.

I was completely wrong. And I’m more than happy to admit it.

On my doorstep arrived two servings of bits, and a myriad of information – the team over at ENERGYbits definitely want you to be as informed about their product as possible! It certainly helps to find out the awesomeness that you are going to be putting into your body.

So before I go on and tell you my own experience of ENERGYbits, I’ll run through the info:

  • ENERGYbits are 100% natural organic green (spirulina) algae
  • They contain 40 vitamins and minerals as well as essential fatty acids like Omega 3
  • They have 3 times the amount of protein that’s found in steak (64% in total)
  • Are full of other awesome stuff such as iron, antioxidants, electrolytes and other vitamins.
  • Not full of the bad stuff like caffeine, sugar, gluten or other sorts of unnatural chemicals.
A single serving of the good stuff..
A single serving of the good stuff..

Sounds good huh?

It was perfect timing that I was able to use the Bits for the Bay to Bay 12K. I know they always say time and time again not to try anything new on race day, but I like to live dangerously!

I grabbed a serving of ENERGYbits on the way out the door, ready to see what they can do. I did continue my standard pre-race meal about and hour and a half out from the race of a banana and an Emma & Toms Life Bar (Yumm!! Cacao & Orange!! My fave!!)

Pre-race you’re meant to take 30 tablets – and all advice says to swallow and not to chew. 30 tablets is definitely a lot bigger than it sounds, I had to take it in two lots. And I do advocate not to chew. There is a little bit of the algae taste when swallowing but hey, if you’re running a long distance, I would think you’re tough enough to deal with a little bit of taste for a couple of seconds.

I did take the tablets 40 mins before the start of the race as I had to check my bag in and had no alternative for water. The recommended time is 10-15 mins before your run/workout. I don’t think I was disadvantaged at all by taking a little longer out, the energy was a steady release for the entire 1 hour 20 mins – I experienced no peaks and troughs that I generally do when carrying candy with me (I know, such a bad thing to do!).  As equally as important, I did not experience hunger during the race. Bacon could have wafted past and I wouldn’t immediately have thought of food. My eye was on the finish line.

I easily maintained under 7mins per kilometre for the first ten, and was only let down by the numbness starting in my foot from my current set of issues. I wasn’t tired or out of energy at all. I maintained my hydration at the water stops, but there was no need for the electrolytes, or any other supplement mid-race. In fact, I felt so good that it surprised me. The only thing I changed in my pre-race diet was the ENERGYbits.

Yep, I became a believer out there running around the bay. These ENERGYbits were amazing, living up to their name – full of energy to last the entire 12Km. Not to mention that these are super easy on the stomach – no nasty surprises along the way!

These little tablets are full of amazing stuff!
These little tablets are full of amazing stuff!


I definitely recommend ENERGYbits as a natural alternative to all those super sweet and gooey energy supplements out there. Algae is the way to go – and you also won’t end up with  goo down your running top either (I could never work out how to eat goo and run at the same time).  And more importantly, it won’t leave you hanging for more.

Check out ENERGYbits online: a standard bag has 1000 tablets – so you have on average 30 servings (30 tablet serving size) and you get a travel tin to take your bits on the go. For the remainder of the week you can get 25% off ENERGYbits by entering the code “bibchat” at checkout.

If you’re lover of chatting all things running/working out then ENERGYbits hosts a health and fitness twitter chat Tuesday nights 8P EST/Wednesday 10AM AEST for us Aussies and can be followed by using the hashtag #poweredbybits.

Don’t also forget BibChat shortly after, every Tuesday 8P CT/Wednesday 11am AEST – follow #bibchat to join the conversation!

Disclaimer: I was able to try ENERGYbits as a member of the BibRave team. This post and all views & opinions are entirely my own. 


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