Racing around the Bay (Bay to Bay 12K Recap)


It’s been a while since my last blog entry – life’s been a cycle of work & physio and then I had to travel for work – somewhere in between that I did manage to run the Bay to Bay 12K! This is my second year running the event, and really, it’s one of my favourites since it’s local (and I only have to get up at a less ridiculous time).

Packet pickup was again set for Saturday and pre-race on Sunday, at the finish line on the waterfront. I did manage to get there super early, and unfortunately they were still setting up the registration area. Luckily they opened 10 mins earlier than scheduled so I was able to get in and out. There was one stall for the local Coast Runners Shop. The Saturday was absolutely still and amazing next to the water, perfect conditions for running. Little did I realise this would change literally overnight.

Running outfit was planned with my red & white polka dot Sparkle Athletic skirt, black top & Sparkle Athletic polka dot leg socks + the visor!

Flat lay me the night before..
Flat lay me the night before..

Sunday runway, and I eagerly got up only to find it a little bit chillier than the previous day. On the way out I grabbed my long sleeve fleece top (which I inherited when running the 2013 Toronto Yonge St 10K) thinking that there would be no possible way that I needed to wear it, it was more a “just in case” grab. Wrong I was. It was windy & cold & possibly not fun for running. The mood on the bus was cheerful however as we travelled to the start line. We all hoped that perhaps we could go the distance in the warm bus and was disappointed when we were kicked off to face the windy elements.

Pre-race I ate my trusted Banana and Emma & Toms Cacao/Orange Life Bar but I thought I’d mix it up a little and try some Energy Bits, which I had been hearing about for a long time on twitter – and thanks to BibRave (and being a BibRave Pro) – I got to give them a go. While normally I eat about an hour and a half before the event, I did take the Energy Bits about 40 mins before the beginning of the race.

I beat the sun this morning!
I beat the sun this morning!

In one of those – Oh no you didn’t! moments – I actually did miss the start of the 12K. While the half marathon runners were coming through, I continued to cheer them on at the back of the 12K pack – that was until I heard the gun go off.

In a panic, I looked for my iPod, and low and behold it started clicking through the headphones but wasn’t turning on. It was completely dead. I had put it in the pocket of my fleecy top alongside the backs of my RaceDots (yes, they also work on fleecy lined running tops). I was a little put off but hey, I was going to run 12K without music.

With the race start missed & my iPod not working (and safely tucked in my clothes), I set off. Fortunately I didn’t plan on running like crazy so it was refreshing to maintain a nice pace while I worked through the crowd. Ahead of me was a runner dressed as a sauce bottle. I made it my mission to maintain the race with him – and while he did get away from me slightly in the end, he was still in my sights.

I was glad of the change from the half marathon to the 12K, about 3K in my hip flexor started to hurt – but I maintained a pace of under 7 mins a kilometre for the first 10K. By about the 11K mark, I ended up getting pain in my foot followed by some numbness – I took the break (safety first!) and walked it off. It was a little bit of a struggle in the end but with 700m to go, the only suitable thing to do was to run the remainder and leap across the finish line!

As I crossed, the MC had called me out of the runners and presented me with a spot prize for jumping over the line wearing a skirt – it was a hamper from the main sponsor – but since I have NEVER won anything in a race before, this was the most awesome thing to happen at the end of 12 kilometres!

During the race I hadn’t noticed any hunger, nor any lack of energy. My overall cardio was awesome, and it really just came down to the existing issues that stopped me from maintaining my pace for the entire race. I definitely think that the Energy Bits worked their magic – there was no need to refuel for the duration of the race (with the exception of the water stops which were a plenty).

I don’t remember it from last year, but I really liked the warning notice for the photographer – it gave me a chance to sit up and (hopefully) look ok in a running picture.

Overall in the clothes department, while I did get a little warm during the run, once we got back on the water the wind started up and I was so thankful to have my fleecy long sleeve on.

This year’s Bay to Bay was definitely a winner! I’m happy with how the race turned out with what’s been going on, all the volunteers were fantastic and the free tee that was given at packet pickup is a keeper!

Representing the Sparkle!!
Representing the Sparkle!!


N.B: Ended up plugging the iPod back into the power 4 days later and it came back to life! I don’t recommend putting it in the same pocket as the RaceDots.



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