RaceDots Review – No More Holes!

Have you ever rocked up to a race and either, forgotten the safety pins OR become really hesitant in sticking the pin in the amazingly great shirt you’re wearing? This problem is now a thing of the past thanks to RaceDots!

I happen to come across RaceDots while they were still up for funding on Indiegogo. In fact, 1,600 people funded over $68-thousand (double the requested amount) and was the third best campaign on the Indiegogo of all time. As with all prototype to mass production products, there were product delays, but the RaceDots team were great in their communication to those who funded and finally the RaceDots were in hand!

Keep the packaging - it's the easiest way to store your RaceDots!
Keep the packaging – it’s the easiest way to store your RaceDots!

My RaceDots had great timing as I face the 2-races-a-week-apart section of my running calendar, and I was eager to put them to the test!

I must admit, I followed the instructions that the RaceDots team sent out prior to receiving the product – I cut the packaging at the top to allow the card which holds the dots to slide in & out and to also to have an easy way to store the dots (and most importantly, not to lose them).

The RaceDot itself has two parts – the main magnet with the reflective (or standard) front and the second of the backing ring. It works by “locking” in the bib and your shirt between the two pieces. And how powerful are these magnets? Well, the RaceDots website lists the product as  “a N35 neodymium rare-earth magnets, which are the strongest permanent magnets (they retain their strength for over 50 years)”.

RaceDots, deconstructed.
RaceDots, deconstructed.

They certainly are quite strong magnets, so make sure you are in a clear location – at least for the first time, as you measure the force needed to pull them apart (and don’t lose them on the ground along the way). I did affix my RaceDots standing up, however I would imagine you would be more than fine to do as a flat lay, then putting the shirt on. Obviously you would have more success than me in getting a straighter bib – I found that I had to move my bib around a couple of times to make it look as something that resembled straight (which I’m certain it still wasn’t).

The back of the RaceDot affixed to the shirt.
The back of the RaceDot affixed to the shirt.
It's on and not going anywhere!
It’s on and not going anywhere!

There was some fumbling initially as I made sure that the backing magnet was on the right side (as the alternate would make the magnets not attracted to each other), and did cause me to stand there for a longer time fiddling with the magnets, bib and my clothing. I may have looked quite strange to onlookers!!

The team at RaceDots do recommend use with bibs that have holes in them. The one I was handed on Sunday didn’t have holes, rather was just a flat piece of paper. I could have made my own holes if needed, however I went ahead and tried the RaceDots with the bib as is.

With all 4 dots attached, and the bib resembling something straight, I was initially nervous that these would fall off during the run. If it was to happen, it would happen to me! It wasn’t until over halfway through the race that I realised that the RaceDots were still on, there was no concerned over the bib, and it in fact hadn’t moved one inch.

Post-race: Still on!!
Post-race: Still on!!

I’m calling this one a success! The RaceDots were comfortable mid race, and didn’t cause any irritation (although I had doubled the tanks due to the cold). They were easy to affix – once I got over the first one – and made no marks on the clothes at all. At worst you may have crinkles in your race bib post run but I think that’s fine compared to the damage the good, old safety pin can cause on your lucky running shirt. It was great not having to worry about the potential for any tears!

RaceDots are available through their website here: www.racedots.com , start from $24.99USD ex tax for a 5 pack and come in a range of colours/reflective colours.

I do recommend these as a great investment to anyone’s running kit. The ones that I chose were the reflective & purple kind. What is awesome about the reflective ones were that I felt I was able to not only to fix my bib safely to my clothes but to also make it safer to run when I’m running around the neighbourhood.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this RaceDots review. I found them via Indiegogo and participated in funding the project. I wanted to share my experience with you all.


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