Sri Chinmoy Sydney: There and back again in 7K!!

This weekend was meant to be the beginning of a double Half header for me. I was looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time. Unfortunately I was out of this challenge when I went to the physiotherepist looking for some help in making sure I had the right shoes (and wondering why I had numb feet). My injury/recovery journey can be found in multiple posts on the blog.

So now I was looking at a 7K run, rather than a 21K and thanks to the weather, I’d only manage to get one run in the Sunday before (a wonderful 12K!). Easy right? Well, umm no.

I set off for the 1.5 hour trip down to Sydney full of hope, I hadn’t had any pain the last few training runs, and this was the chance to set right the last two runs in Centennial Park – in which my feet went numb. Luckily given it’s a long weekend, the roads are fairly traffic free, and the only hold up was being stopped for a random breath test when I was almost at the race!

It is rather chilly right now so I had figured to wear cropped pants, with the orange Pro Compression socks & my BibRave top – as I was running this one thanks to them! Given the chill factor I did do the double tank special & chucked in the arm sleeves for good measure. I did overpack for this one as I wasn’t sure whether it would indeed rain (as it has been all week) so I chucked a change of clothes & a towel so I could drive back comfortable.

Pre-race flat lay
Pre-race flat lay

Also new to this race was the use of RaceDots, and awesome magnetic alternative to safety pins to hold your bib in place. I’ll write a specific review on this shortly.

Given the work I’ve been doing to get myself ready for racing & running pain free, I did have high expectations going into this one. It possibly was my downfall too. I tried to move the needle on my time & went out quicker than what I probably should have, especially given the terrain was cross-country (no roads!) and it was quite soft thanks to the buckets & buckets of rain.


I knew it from 1K in that it wasn’t going to happen for me but I persisted. Then my calf started straining. Not good news. At 3K I pulled up and tried to stretch it out. At 3.75K I walked up a hill to avoid any pain felt in the knee cap. At 4K I walked to make sure the (slight) tingling in my foot wasn’t going to set off the entire thing becoming numb. I wasn’t ashamed of the need to stop. My physio made sure that I understood that stopping under these circumstances is ok.

I was a little upset that this was happening but in all seriousness, I think going out too quick at the beginning, on terrain that I don’t usually run on and was super soft just didn’t work with me. My time was ok, but I did pass the finishing line feeling much better than what I did 2 months ago.  And most importantly I was able to walk to the pancake queue!! YUMM!!!

As for the rain? Well, it did hold off until a couple of hours after the race had finished and I was well on my way home.

Found my picture in the gallery this time. I'm normally a shorts only girl but the weather made me look for the crops!
Found my picture in the gallery this time. I’m normally a shorts only girl but the weather made me look for the crops!

The event itself is fantastically ran by the volunteers at the Sri Chimoy Sydney Series. They responded quickly to my request to change distances, and at the event – made sure everything ran smoothly and on time. As per my post on the last race, all they ask is for you to follow the no running on the road rule (and listen to any marshall). It was fantastic to see a larger turn out than the one in April! In fact, there was more people using the park on this weekend, so people also running/walking along the track (who weren’t part of the race) became obstacles themselves. It’s important to practice safe running etiquette in this situation, they may not be aware of you – so please be aware of them! The path is there to share!!

Overall another AWESOME run down at the Sri Chinmoy Sydney Series event. I can’t recommend it enough to anyone in Sydney, or who finds themselves in Sydney at some point in the year.

Check them out here: Sri Chinmoy Sydney Series

Check out the reviews on BibRave: Sri Chinmoy Sydney Series 7K Centennial Park

Disclaimer: My entry fee was covered by Sri Chinmoy Sydney Series as a member of the BibRave team. This post and all views & opinions are entirely my own. 


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