Changing my Disney mind….

The inevitable happened. I changed my mind in regards to the Disneyland Half. Yes, I’m still running – it’s the costume that I changed my mind with. I guess the problem stems from registering 8 months out, with no known theme yet and a huge range of characters to choose from. Early in the piece (pre-registration even) I had my heart set on Snow White for the Half itself and went about creating the top (the bottom is sorted thanks to Sparkle Athletic!).

The NEW front of my new Snow White costume!
The NEW front of my new Snow White costume!

While it was done and dusted (as is the remaining 2 other costumes), I just decided that I wasn’t completely in love with what I had done. And with Stitch being unofficially unveiled as the 10K character, I was considering completely changing my characters.

While I finally decided to remain with the Snow White theme (let’s face it, it’s my only chance to be a Disney Princess!), I thought I’d do a different take on the theme. Perhaps a step away from the traditional Snow White costume concept. And given I had my heart set on pairing it up with the awesome Blue & Red striped Pro Compression Marathon Socks, why not make Snow White a running star herself?

I’ve just used a plain tank top – again I haven’t considered using technical gear given that I’m not thinking about keeping these around after the race. I’m intending to only have carry-on while travelling internationally so these are already considered to be “dead space” post race – especially with the 5 Disney Technical Tees I’m anticipating on receiving upon packet pick-up.

I’ve kept it quite simple, the point is for comfort – the collar is quite small and non-irritating, something that should be taken seriously given the 13.1 miles that are going to have to put up with it. I did cut it down from the original, I had it nicely glued and since the cut (and roughly glue) I’ve had to amend. It still looks decent and I’m certain that people really aren’t going to be looking at the minute detail to even notice! I added extra bling to balance out the amazing sparkle from the gold sparkle skirt.

And the back!
And the back!

I also added some extra little touches to the top – 37 for the year of the premiere of the film, Snow name on the back (plus an apple) & the number 7 for the dwarves.

Coming up with the running team theme name was the hardest decision. I toyed around with Gems from the mine, and perhaps even something around the Magic Mirror. In the end, Poison Apples won out, it certainly has an interesting ring to it! I made the text using font cutouts from a iron on transfer number. After multiple fittings I’ve had to glue some of the letters back onto the top. I also added a 3D glitter fabric paint to the text, I was after just standard glitter but it seems difficult to get fabric paint that’s not puffed.

With under 3 months to go let’s hope I don’t get the creative urge to change my mind again! Am I the only crazy one to have done (and have rethought) my costumes?


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