Starting fresh!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I received my diagnosis with the issues I was having with my feet. After refocusing on smaller distances on June’s races (and also dealing with being upset over having to change) my running has really dropped down from the 11K/14K runs that I was doing while training, to now 3K/5K and 7K. I’m eagerly anticipating a 10K effort this weekend.

Fancy kneecap strapping
Fancy kneecap strapping

My latest physio appointment saw me back with a list of concerns as the pain comes and goes while I run. It was noticed that the way that I walk was not conducive to getting the ITB issues better. With my position corrected, and totally remembering leg day (had to do some leg lifts and presses) they sent me on my way with my patella taped to avoid it from moving sideways. Unfortunately it’s not awesome colours that the KT Tape brings, but it will do!

The next day I set out for a 3K run, to be honest I’m so used to running with pain that I half expect it as I set out.. The first kilometre was honestly a battle as I fought with my muscles to keep myself in the new position, I felt like I was taking it incredibly slow – my entire effort was to make sure I wasn’t leaning forward and running curled up.

Imagine my surprise when the first km lap time showed up on the garmin. I was on track with my usual running time but it just felt so different.

I made it the 3K, somewhat getting easier in the end. And guess what? I had no pain. You couldn’t break that grin off my face, sure it was hard work but I did it, I felt better – and while my leg/hip muscles weren’t happy with me at that moment – I felt incredibly strong.

Not too shabby!!
Not too shabby!!

I managed 7K today, a little sore at the beginning – but managed to work through it. The next race in early June is 7K so the aim is to make sure that it’s pain free, no matter what the time. While I didn’t get a PR today – I did run the same times that I had been pre-diagnosis so I’m incredibly happy with that!

The way I see it, I have to start fresh with my running position – while I need to really focus on this right posture now, I’m sure it will come naturally eventually. I’m on the right track to making sure I’m running without injury, not just now but in the future.




On another note: Only 3 months until the Disneyland Half Marathon!!! I really can’t wait!!

It was 14 weeks earlier this week, now 13!!
It was 14 weeks earlier this week, now 13!!



2 thoughts on “Starting fresh!

  1. I’ve spent the last few months in PT trying to figure out my running issues as well. When we think we have it, we discover that it was just masking or compensating for another issue. The body is so complicated and so good and playing defense. Right now I feel a little silly because I am essentially learning how to walk and run all over again.


    1. Don’t feel silly! I completely understand what you are going through! Every visit I’d be mentioning that something else was sore, right now (today) it seems to have settled around the knee which is incredibly painful. Luckily my PT mentioned that it is really common in ITB cases – where the pain moves around. Best of luck with your recovery! Hang in there! Hope to hear an update!!


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