When things don’t go to plan…

Following on from my previous post – when the tough indeed got going, I turned up to my latest physio appointment with a heart full of hope, and a head that’s more realistic – ready to ask the hard question.. Will I be able to run the two half marathons in June?

It’s important to remember that my goal this year is to run the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend. That’s the Dumbo Double Dare (10K + Half Marathon), the Family 5K and then the Runner’s World Welcome on the Thursday for good measure. That’s a definite 3 days of running, with what I’m assuming will be an enjoyable (and early) jog on the Thursday.

Working against me was the fact that in my long weekend run (14K in which I also forgot the BodyGlide -eek!) my right foot became numb – the first time in a training run. I struggled for a bit but found relief once I stopped and slowed down. There’s no shame in that when things aren’t going right!

Mickey PJs definitely make everything better (and put  goals into perspective).
Mickey PJs definitely make everything better (and put my 2014 goal into perspective).

So in a nutshell, I’m not advised to run the half marathon distance while my ITB’s are in their current state. To do two would be crazy (and not half crazy!), if I wasn’t planning (and paid for) the Disneyland Half, then it would have been a possibility to do at least one of them. I’m going to take this recommendation and not push it, I don’t want to end up injured having to either walk the Disney course from the get go, or to stand at the sidelines and cheer everyone on.

I’m really disappointed with the fact that things haven’t been able to go to plan but so thankful that I went with my gut instinct and saw someone about the issues that I have been experiencing. I’m on the road to recovery and I want to be 100% by the time August comes around.

So what’s next – I’m still going to run, but I’m going to have to transfer to smaller distances – the Sri Chinmoy will have to be 7K and the Bay to Bay will be 12K. I’ll still try and keep my half marathon training up – I can just stretch it out a little longer!

While I might not get another half in before, I’m sure I can sort out some more races to line up and complete the entry requirements into the Half Fanatics. It will just come a little later. That can be the next goal.



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