When the going gets tough….. It’s time to see someone!

Over the last two races I’ve battled with numb feet, however when training the issue doesn’t ever come up. I was concerned, but given the fact that this never really replicated with exception to those two races, I didn’t think the issue was serious.

As I decided to ramp up my training (only 3 weeks to go until the next race) I found trouble with my favourite pair of shoes (insert the sad face here). Not only were my shins absolutely killing me, but I also had some new found aches in my hip. I immediately thought that I just needed another pair of new shoes – surely it’s a simple as that, it seemed to help previously – but something told me that I should perhaps get my feet analysed first

Everyone loves new shoes!
Why oh why do the feet give us trouble?

I’ve found an awesome sports medicine centre in my area that mentioned they were able to look at my stride and feet in general to find out what was going on. With no wait needed (appt. was the next day) I was both anxious and excited to find out the ins and outs of how I run.

Surprisingly it turns out I over-pronate on my orthotics which were given to combat over-pronation (who could imagine?), the blisters on the inside of the feet were a dead giveaway, and it turns out to be IT Band and Fascia issues from my arch to hip in both sides – releasing for the first time was crazy painful. An hour and a half later I hobbled out of centre, in far worse pain then what I walked in with. The pain has stuck around, and perhaps been exaggerated through the stretches that I have to do.

I’m also under strict instruction not to run on consecutive days – I have to have a break in between runs – but at least I can run. Today’s run was 14KM and it was the first time that I experienced numbness in the right foot on a training run. There’s no need to panic, I just slow down and wait until feeling comes back. I’m not too sure where I stand on being able to complete my 2 Half Marathons in June, I’ll keep training as is unless told differently. My priority this year is for the Disneyland Half & the Dumbo Double Dare, so I’ve really got to make sure that I’m happy and healthy for the trip over (given the $$ spent getting over there), so I’ve really got to re-evaluate if I’m told to scale down my current training plan.

Has anyone else been training through injury? How did you cope? 20140518-184740-67660637.jpg


Don’t forget to be awesome (loving my Sparkle Athletic band)!!



10 thoughts on “When the going gets tough….. It’s time to see someone!

  1. Injuries can be tough, it’s hard to let a body rest when you want to train! I am sending you healing vibes, and hoping you can do your marathons still 🙂


    1. Thanks! It’s really difficult to try and pull back when mentally I want to run more! It’s for the best though. I just hope that all works out in the end..


  2. Where do I get that band? Love it! As tempting as it is I have learned not to train through an injury. I’ve tried it and it never turned out well. A little soreness yes. Injury? No. I hope it all works out well for you and you stay on track (pun intended haha) for your halfs next month.


    1. I got it from Sparkle Athletic, they just popped it in with the goodies! 🙂 Thanks! Fingers crossed that it still goes to plan. If not, that’s ok!


    1. Thanks! I do have to learn to “take it easy”, I’m normally one who pushes through injuries and make them a lot worse! I think by having a future goal, or something you’re committed to makes me a lot more aware of how much I’m pushing when I hurt! If I got to take a break on the run then I’m not going to beat myself up about it. Just have to play it safe! 🙂


      1. I have issues with over pronation and ITBS as well. I’m working on stretching more, core exercises, hip strength (weak hips was ruled the likeliest cause of the ITBS), and stopping whenever I have knee pain. Last year, I tried to run the Disneyland 1/2 and after the first 5k the knee pain was so bad, that I had to walk pretty much the entire rest of the race. 😦

        Today, I ran the Capitola Surfer’s Path 1/2, and while I apparently can’t make it a whole 13.1 without knee pain, I was pain free until mile 10 and I had a PR!

        Just hang in there and try to find the cause of the ITBS, stretch and make sure you look at core and hip strength too. It might not just be the pronation that’s causing the ITBS.

        Visit me over here to read about my PR! 🙂 http://cometgrrl.com/2014/05/18/ow-ow-ow/


      2. Thanks! That’s amazing that you were able to PR. I’m at the stage where I don’t want to over extend myself, especially when I’m trying to run at Disneyland. I will try and find the root of the issue, I definitely want to make sure running is pain free!


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