Is Stitch the 10K Disneyland Half Mascot?

As a participant of the Disneyland Half weekend, I’m seriously counting down the weeks until I board that plane and end up in sunny California prepared to join in my first RunDisney experience. I too was surprised when rumours began circulating that this years 5K/10K events will not follow the same Alice in Wonderland theme that was done last year. I loved the look at the medals and began to wonder which Disney film they would look at. I had heard some rumour on the Lion King – as apparently they had used that in the advertising – but really it was anyone’s guess.

The release of the Disneyland Half weekend training plans created some talking points last week as the 10K logo showed a Hawaii theme with Stitch sitting on a tiki version of himself. Can this be the medal design? I sure hope so!!

While Lilo and Stitch is not one of the Disney “classics”, it certainly is one of my favourite Disney films and Stitch is one of my favourite characters. I honestly cannot complain if this is the medal – it seems like such a bonus given that this is the first time I’m running Disney. That said, I’m just super happy to be attempting the Dumbo Double Dare this year so any medal is fantastic.

With the 10K potentially being Stitch, will the 5K follow suit? The 5K last year was themed to the White Rabbit (following on from the Alice in Wonderland theme), so will we see Lilo gracing the family fun run?

Could Stitch be the subject of this year's 10K medal?
Could Stitch be the subject of this year’s 10K medal?

I had thought previously of doing a Lilo and Stitch themed costume, but the Stitch hat I have will be well to hot to run in during August. My costumes are now locked, loaded and done and while I didn’t end up going down that route, I’m still happy with my decisions and am not changing.

Did you also see the change to the Dumbo Double Dare logo?

A new revised logo for Dumbo Double Dare.


Of course nothing is written in stone (or metal) until the medals are released, but in the meantime we can only go off what the training plan tells us. What do you think – are you happy with the prospect of Stitch being the 10K mascot?



3 thoughts on “Is Stitch the 10K Disneyland Half Mascot?

  1. I’m happy with a change of any kind. I’m not a fan of Alice in Wonderland, so that helps with my enthusiasm but it’s really the prospect of medals changing yearly that excites and scares me. Scares? Yes, because 2015 is the year I had put down as the year I was going to do fewer runDisney races and it’d be just my luck that I’d miss out on a favourite character!

    I’m also not changing my costume choices but it is tempting to do something Hawaiian print/Lilo-like. I’m not particularly in love with my half outfit but I’ve purchased all the pieces for it (even have two shirt options and two sizes of the bottom since I’m trying to lose weight by then!)


    1. 2 options? Sounds like you’re well prepared! I guess with the increase in popularity of Disney races the likelihood of finding out the theme at time of registration goes down – it really does come down to luck. I hope you don’t miss out on your favourite!


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