Weekly Training Recap: Weeks 5 & 6

What a crazy two weeks!

Week 5 brought the NewRun 10K, and while I was looking forward to getting out there and putting in a long run, turns out I had other plans. I had to sit out the week thanks to a nasty spider bite that not only didn’t heal, but actually got worse. What is incredible is the two weeks since being bitten I actually ran some of my best 5K times!

Luckily it wasn’t all bad news as I did hop on over to New Zealand during the week and made up for the not running with walking around.

Week 5 = 0 runs

Hello Auckland!
Hello Auckland!

The day of the NewRun 10K came quick and was taken by surprise by a hill at the beginning of the course and a storm halfway through. Complete run recap is here.

Start line...wait to you see what we're looking at for the beginning of the race!
Start line…wait to you see what we’re looking at for the beginning of the race!
Ready to sparkle!!
Ready to sparkle!!

The weather certainly didn’t get much better from Sunday as the rain turned on and off.

Storms continuously rolling in. It's hard to time a run right to miss the showers!
Storms continuously rolling in. It’s hard to time a run right to miss the showers!

Week 6

Sunday – NewRun 10K

Monday – Rest day! Let those legs recover!

Tuesday – Volleyball, not a win this week 😦 (it was a real close one too!)

Wednesday – 5K run, super close to my PR. Decided to run during lunch. It was a humid day and I certainly battled with running at a completely different time of the day.

Thursday – Another volleyball game. Unfortunately it was another loss.

Friday – A slower 7K today than usual. This was an afternoon run as it had been raining all day. Felt absolutely amazing and really have noticed a difference in the way my legs feel as I run along. I think that I’ve hit the turning point!

Saturday – Rest day..

The goal certainly is to pick up the distance as I look to the Sri Chinmoy Sydney 7K on Easter Monday – running as part of the BibRave team! After that the next race is the Nike She Runs Sydney 10K at Centennial Park on May 3rd!



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