Thinking about a race? Head to BibRave first……


In exciting news I’ve joined the BibRave Pro team as an ambassador! I’m extremely excited for this opportunity to work with a fantastic brand such as BibRave and I’m looking forward to the great year ahead!

So what is BibRave?

BibRave is a fantastic user-fed website where you can look for reviews on races & runs, and also upload your own feedback. Didn’t like the shirt that you received? Went too overboard at the Expo? Ran your fastest PR on the course? You can let the world know what was great (and maybe not so great) about the race, course, expo and swag.

I don’t know about you but I’ve always scoured the web reading blogs involving race recaps to find out what I’m in for before signing up to a race. With BibRave, it’s as easy as pie – just go to the website and search for the race you want.

I’ve already uploaded three race reviews on the website, you can check them out here. You don’t need to write an essay, just rate elements that are applicable to your race. The more information you provide though, the better help it will be to everyone out there.

Let’s try and get all the races on there!!

There is also a weekly twitter chat on Tuesday nights 8p CT (Wednesday 11am Sydney time) where you can discuss all things races and running, plus this week PRO Compression will be sponsoring the chat – which means 2 lucky participants who follow both BibRave & PRO Compression; who like to #BibChat and #KeepItTight will win some awesome compression gear.

Chat to you on Tuesday!!

Disclaimer: I am a BibRave Pro Ambassador, however this post and all views & opinions are entirely my own. 


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