Weekly Training Recap: Weeks 3 & 4

I really should name this a fortnightly recap (or two week recap) given that I’ve been absolutely shocking with the updates. That’s April’s goal. Post better.

The kilometres really added up over these past two weeks, I’ve been feeling stronger and happier as I moved closer to my 10K run on the 6th April.

Week 3 

Monday – A lovely 5K run, the weather is still quite warm and surprisingly I am running close to my PR.

Tuesday – It’s time for volleyball! No win today.

Wednesday – Extended out to 7K today, originally intended to go 6K but distance worked out that I could fit the extra 1K in, as well as feeling absolutely fantastic. Faster pace today than my Monday run, weather is hot & sunny.

Not bad for a 7K. This was the run that I was using for the Rock and Roll Las Vegas Virtual Run!
Not bad for a 7K. This was the run that I was using for the Rock and Roll Las Vegas Virtual Run!

Thursday – Volleyball! Unfortunately it was a hit & giggle as the opposing team was a no-show (but still a win in the books though!)

Friday – Rest day (woo hoo!!!)

Saturday – Going for the 7K again today- powering through and was in the zone. Noticeably had to wait at bigger intersections today due to more traffic being around – Yes, I stop and wait, I don’t jog on the spot. Happy to take the extra seconds to get my breath back!! I also ran my fastest 5K and it was facing the uphill!!

Sunday – Really testing the legs today as I aimed to back up Saturday’s run with a cheeky 5K, at a significantly lower pace this time. I was running around 2 mins more than my previous 5K times – but at this stage it didn’t matter. Conditioning the legs to back up day after day is the key to a successful Dumbo Double Dare in August – and only being concerned in keeping over the maximum time (16 mins per mile) rather than going out for fast times means that I can keep reserves in the legs to make it through the three days.

Week 4 brought in heavy rain and thunderstorms. It was certainly one of those weeks!
Week 4 brought in heavy rain and thunderstorms. It was certainly one of those weeks!

Week 4

This week definitely feels like a week where I slacked off a little, thanks to a whole lot of rain!!!

Monday – The Autumn showers bring in heavy rain, but luckily it is a rest day!

Tuesday – No chance for a run today as the weather is still nasty. Had to settle with Volleyball (close game but still no win :/)

Wednesday – Still no run 😦

Thursday – Finally managed to get out for a 5KM run – it was raining and humid but not bad enough to deter me from getting out there. The road was slippery due to the previous rain, however there were no other runners or cyclists in sight! It was just me and the road.  I beat my PR from Saturday by 1 minute!!!

A quick (and when I say quick I mean PR quick) 5K in the rain break.
Wet & soggy gear from a quick (and when I say quick, I mean PR quick) 5K in the rain break.

Friday – Really not feeling it today. Managed to convince myself to run a 3K in the afternoon. It’s humid and still overcast with rain clouds looming in the distance. It took at least 1.7K to get in a rhythm and unfortunately it was still half hearted. While it was a decent time, it’s a little distracting when you just don’t enjoy being out there and it feels like a chore. I know this feeling is short lived, and is possible due to just feeling very tired.

Saturday – I had planned on peaking with a longer 9K/10K run a week before the NewRun 10K unfortunately some things don’t go the way that’s planned and it turns out that it would be best to sit out until the run itself.

At the moment I’m still confident that I’m going to have a great run next week. Looking forward to getting out the Sparkle Skirt and putting on that race number! 7 days to go!



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