I’m running WITH Boston!

Front page of the Boston World Run App - I'm one of 45 runners in Australia!
Front page of the Boston Marathon World Run App – I’m one of 46 runners in Australia!

Virtual running is definitely getting more and more traction as we look to earn some extra bling while we prepare for our physical runs, and in turn support good causes with their fundraising. What better way to motivate one to run then to virtually pledge your distance to one of the greatest marathons in the world – the Boston Marathon.

What is great about this program, and the subsequent app that goes along with it, is that any age and ability can join in – there’s no need to run an entire marathon in one go. In fact, I pledged a marathon distance to be done over time. I think I may have been taking the easy route as I’ve seemed to go over and above that limit within 2 weeks.

It’s simple to lodge your miles/kilometres as you go along however you will reach a stall if you run 10KM and you only needed 5KM to reach your target. This is where you need to go back into the settings and raise the limit – as what I did.

The Boston Marathon World Run is free to sign up and join, and while you don’t get a fancy piece of bling to display with the remainder of your medals – you do get online badges that you can wear with pride, one to show that you’ve signed up and then one (plus a certificate) upon completion closer to the Boston Marathon date.

I originally started with 42KM, but I’ve since had to increase my pledged distance!

Not only can you pledge kilometres/miles, but you can also donate to The One Fund Boston – raising money for families that were affected by the tragic events that occurred in April 2013.

As you can see in my image, it’s a great tool to log in the km’s as I prepare for my first run this year – and even had to increase it at the end of last week. The next goal – 60KMs in total up until April 21st. Given I’m at 46KMs now, I see myself increasing the total before the virtual run is done (I’ve got a 10KM run on the 6th April).  I think that I could have pledged a crazy amount from the get go, but I honestly didn’t expect my training to be going as well as it has been and to lodge those kilometres as quickly!!

There’s still time to get on board and pledge your runs to Boston – sign up now at http://www.bostonmarathonworldrun.org

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this Boston Marathon World Run review. I stumbled across this program on a comment left on Facebook and wanted to share the virtual run with you all. 


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