Weekly Training Recap: Week 1 & Week 1 rebooted..

What a crazy 2 weeks! In the whole training scheme of things I certainly had to start week 1 twice, given my first week was an absolute disaster. With less than a month to go until my first run – the NewRun 10K – it was time to ramp up and get serious. That is until I got ill. Not only did I get ill, but I also had an accident with my dog which ended up with me getting a shot & antibiotics. With week 1 a write off, there was only one thing to do – and that’s initiate the week 1 reboot!

This was mid-week in what was meant to be my first training week. The vet cleaned me up pretty good before I had to go and see a human doctor.

Week 1 reboot: 

Monday: Day off! What a way to start the week!

Tuesday: A glorious day for another 5K run in the morning and indoor volleyball at night. Took it slow and easy today – wanted the distance but didn’t want to exert myself due to my game in the evening. While I highly recommend another activity outside of running, I’ve noticed that any sprain/muscle pull I have received has not been from running but actually from volleyball. I blame the twisting.

Rocking the shwings at volleyball!
Rocking the shwings at volleyball!

Wednesday: Short run – 4K. Medium pace, wanted to recover from the game the night before.

Thursday: Late night indoor volleyball game. We won the game!

Friday: The day I found my new secret weapon – Emma & Tom’s Life Bars! I also had the day off!!

Emma & Tom's Life Bars - is this what I've been looking for?
Emma & Tom’s Life Bars – is this what I’ve been looking for?

Saturday: Happy weekend! Late night Friday night but still got up early and put in a 5K run. Decided that by running tired it would put me in good preparation by the time the Disneyland Half Marathon comes around & I’m trying to get that Dumbo Double Dare medal!  Really happy with the time, I’ve noticed that I’m easily pulling consistent times over that distance – not sure if I should look at building speed or whether I should continue to build  distance.

Can't complain running past this every day!
Summer may be coming to an end but I can’t complain running past this every day!

Sunday: It was hot, hot, hot! Warmed up quite quickly in the morning so I made the decision to work my legs with a Kettlebell workout. It was such a good idea at the time, then Monday morning happened!!

Only 20 days until the NewRun 10K!


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