Fuelling the fire…..

It’s been a while between posts, I’ve had a really busy week but sitting here on a Friday night/Saturday morning, with hopes of getting in an early run before the madness of Saturday, I’m in front of my computer and thinking about my latest running purchase in a couple of protein bars.

One of the downsides I’ve found to reading a range of fantastic blogs online is that most of you in the US get awesome running products such as Runner’s Box & Honey Stinger waffles, which aren’t located here down under. I’ve been lucky in the sense that my parents, who are quite active themselves, have been quite helpful when supplying any type of gluten free goo that there is out there, however goo doesn’t really sit well with me and honestly, I really end up with the majority of it on me rather than in me.

I’m also of the type that can’t not eat before running, and I find that I need at least an hour between refuelling and running.

Lo and behold a tip from the latest Runner’s World Australia magazine, an Australian company – Emma and Tom’s make “life” bars that are recommended by the mag as great food for runners. Located in the health food aisle in the supermarket (I found these at Woolworths for around $2.95), where three flavours were available – Cacao & Orange, Banana and Cherry & Goji.

Who can go past Cacao & Orange??

Emma & Tom's Life Bars - is this what I've been looking for?
Emma & Tom’s Life Bars – is this what I’ve been looking for?

The product itself is quite small, the perfect size to easily fit into a belt or pocket when on the run. There is also an ease to opening the bar, something that needs to be taken into consideration – there’s nothing worse than standing at the side of the road fiddling around trying to open your protein hit!

So what about the food itself? While Emma & Tom’s describe the product as “made with preservative-free dried fruits and raw nuts. They are “raw” which means that the natural enzymes in the fruits and nuts have not been destroyed”, I describe it simply as yummy and flavourful. The bar itself isn’t dry or too dense and is easily digested without water. I could easily eat the entire bar without giving much thought.

If you are only into eating segments of bars, never fear, this one is soft enough to break up without crumbling everywhere.

Packed with all sorts of good stuff, but you wouldn't know - it's the perfect jaffa flavour!
Packed with all sorts of good stuff, but you wouldn’t know – it’s the perfect jaffa flavour!

I’m yet to use on a super long run, but am confident that this is the protein hit that I need. While I did find these in the supermarket, you can order Emma & Tom’s online through shop.emmaandtom.com, where there is a wider range of flavours (Cacao & Coconut/Cacao & Coffee/Fig & Lemon) but also bulk packs of 12 units.

So if you’re down under and looking for something to fuel your fire before or during a run, check out Emma & Tom’s  Life bars, they tick the box for runners in ease of use & taste!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this Emma & Tom’s Life Bars review. I read a recommendation via Runner’s World Australia magazine and wanted to try it out myself and share my experience with you all.


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